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Online Store - Water Filter & Heater
LNS are the comprehensive furniture online shop in Malaysia which offers extensive range of furniture products such as kitchen products, bathroom products, decorative products, furniture, flooring products and etc. In LNS, we always strive to provide high quality products and at the same time offer with reasonable prices. Browse through our furniture online shop to find out more!
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Solar Power 60gE
Solar Heater with 60 Gallons of capacity ( Capacity : )
Normal Price: RM4500

100% Automatic Water Filtration System

(Outdoor Unit) Fully Automatic , Body Stainless Steel Wt Nylon end cap, Auto-Flush by minute , Filters Down to 0.01 micron 


Normal Price: RM2880.00

Ultimate wholehouse Filtration System


(Outdoor Unit) Fully Automatic, Full Stainless Steel ,Auto-Flush by seconds, Filters Down to 0.01 micron  

Normal Price: RM2880.00
Automatic Energy Water System

Automatic Energy Water System

 (Indoor Unit) Anti-Bacteria, Self-Maintain, High Output, Anti Pollution, Low Water Pressure

Normal Price: RM1400.00


( Indoor Unit ) C/W 0.2 Micron Antisubmicron Filter + Holder 

Normal Price: RM3600.00
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